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Sunring Caps has developed business in the field of Bakelite/phenolic/urea Cap,Essential Oil/Boston Caps and product protector since 2002. Extensive molding processes and capabilities allow for a wider selection of vinyl, rubber and plastic plugs and plastic caps for general product protection, integrated with R&D, production and marketing, covering over 10,000 square meters workshop and over 200 staff, including 20 professional technical engineers, 25 high efficiency marketing service specialists, focus on provide customers with competitive price, superior caps & plugs products, service and technical assistance.

Sunring Caps Industry Inc makes full range of quality caps & plugs products: vinyl plastic dip molded, plastic injection molded and rubber caps for all of your product protection, From injection molded low density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic caps to vinyl dip molded caps, end caps and high temperature vinyl caps, to silicone and EPDM rubber caps, Polyethylene Injection Molded Caps, also offers hundreds of sizes, shapes and designs low density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic caps and plugs. 

Sunring Caps manufactures several families of plastic plugs, injection molded plastic plugs and rubber molded plugs for all of your product protection. From injection molded low density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic tapered plug caps, sheet metal plugs and tube end plugs to vinyl dip molded shipping plugs and high temperature masking plugs, to EPDM and silicone rubber masking plugs 

Sunring Caps offers hundreds of sizes, shapes and designs of Bakelite/phenolic/urea Cap, plastic plugs, wide range of EPDM rubber and Silicone rubber plugs for paint, including tapered plugs, washer plugs and pull plugs,caps, plugs, plastic caps, Phenolic Caps, rubber caps, plastic plugs, rubber plugs, Protectors, Vinyl Dip Molded Plastic Caps,Bakelite/phenolic/urea Cap,Essential Oil/Boston Caps 

Furthermore, Our rubber caps and plugs can have extended lifetimes, depending on the process and temperatures. Parts made of rubber materials are prominent in the Finishing industry. The material is capable of withstanding high temperatures and are often used in multiple passes during a process.

Along with a wide range of product lines, Sunring Caps creates custom molded parts designed to your specifications. Whether you need a standard tube end cap, a vinyl cap, or a custom part, Sunring Cap has experienced engineering and sales teams ready to listen to your requirements and find the solution that works best for you. Consult our experts by requesting a quote, or contact us by phone or email today!



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